With every hack and data breach your passwords could be exposed.

With Citizen there are no passwords, and all access requests come directly to your phone. Using only one touch, you now can request, update and delete the data companies store on you.

Not social

We're different from social providers

We aren't social - we're incredibly private.

Your privacy is our business. We can't see your data; it's encrypted end-to-end.

Businesses pay us to protect them and their customer data. They don't want to become headline news for the wrong reasons and they don't want to be fined for losing customer data.

Our business is to keep you both safe.

Data protection

We protect your data

Your data is personal, and can't be changed or reset. So we take the utmost care in making sure that you are protected.

We use tokenisation and encryption techniques to ensure that personal data is handled with the same level of security as online banking and payment services.

Citizen encrypts data to the individual business and the consumer, so that even we cannot see the underlying data.

With Citizen, your digital keys are stored on your mobile device, so your passwords & information are never at risk.

What you get with Citizen

Citizen enables businesses and customers to form secure data relationships by providing robust security and effortless access.


  • One-touch login and registration.
  • No passwords means additional protection from data breaches.
  • Manage your data relationships with just a click.
  • Update your information fromn one place.
  • No more "forgot password" - you won't get locked out of your accounts again!


  • GDPR & card on file consent management
  • Verifed and current personal data.
  • Faster registration & onboarding.
  • Reduction in forgotten passwords & account lock out.
  • Customer analytics.
  • Single sign in.
  • Tokenization for personal data.


  • Easily integrate our industry-leading authentication and encryption into existing products with our SDK.
  • Our powerful API enables robust and flexible integrations far beyond login and commerce.
  • The Citizen team is led by developers, and we pride ourselves on providing the best possible community support.
  • Get up and running in just minutes!.