Ideal for getting started with passwordless login and registration

100 tokens

per month

Online support
Passwordless Login
Magic link one time login option
One Touch Registration
Networked Customer Data
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Standard Plan


per month
Great for mid size businesses

500 tokens

per month

Customer helpdesk
Everything in Free, plus:
Email customisation
Integration support
Customer consent management
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Pro Plan


per month
Perfect for businesses wanting to provide in depth customer verification

750 tokens

per month

Customer helpdesk
Everything in Standard, plus:
PEP & AML checks
Document verification
Location verification
Credit checks (coming soon)
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For businesses with high customer volumes or unique needs

750+ tokens

per month

Dedicated account management
Everything in Pro, plus:
Server side & mobile SDKs
On premise options
Custom integrations
Support SLAs
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What's a token?

A token is an encrypted copy of a customer identity.

If a customer wants to use Citizen to identify themsleves in the future, a token is assigned to that customer.

Additional identity verification such as photo ID or AML checks, or our Magic-link option will use additional tokens.