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Convert more of your audience

With a Citizen account, potential customers can register, identify and sign-in with just a face or fingerprint - getting them up and running faster.

Protect from data breaches

We provide an encrypted channel to exchange data with your customers, reducing your risk of data breaches, and ensuring you can maintain customer information with ease.

Boost customer retention

With no passwords to forget, customers will always be able to access their account.

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Add Citizen Identify to your app or website for one-stop passwordless login, registration and customer verification.


Add one time passwords to your login journey today, our solution is easy to implement, free and just uses the customer's email address to sign them in.

Breach Detection

We check the darkest corners of the web for stolen passwords and email addresses so you can alert your customers before they sign-up, protecting both you and your customers.


Save time and money with the fast & low cost way to transact with your customers.

Instant account to account settlement times, all at a fraction of the cost of typical payment methods.

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